Private Dog Training ln Your Home

We provide in-home dog training for puppies and adult dogs. Please contact us if you have questions, or would like to schedule training.


Puppy Kindergarten

(Puppies 8 weeks–4 months) We aim to create a strong behavioral foundation for a balanced dog while emphasizing socialization with people and other dogs. We will teach your dog house manners, basic obedience and help you with problem prevention. Our classes teach only science -based positive reinforcement methods.

dog training in Metuchen, NJ

ln Your Home Private Training

Private Training- 60-90 minutes

Our 4-session package is a great start for any type of pet parent or dog.

  • Puppies. In just 4 sessions, we will start your puppy on the right track at home, establishing the groundwork for a lifetime of good manners during this most critical period of their development. We work with dogs 6-weeks or older.
  • Young and adult dogs. Many dogs have had some training, but not enough. Start with our 4-session package and we will pick up and continue from wherever training was left off.
  • Refresher course. It’s easy to lose track of good behaviors, but dogs can regain them at any age and we can provide the knowledge and structure needed to help. A 4-session package is a great start to get good behavior back on track.

How much does Paws First Positive Training cost?

  • Single training sessions start at $125 per session.
  • 4 -session package: $480
  • 7 -session package: $805

Private One-On-One Behavioral Consultation at the client’s home 
Behavioral consultations are for owners who have dogs with specific behavioral challenges. In the clients home. 

  • Single training sessions start at $150 per session.
  • 4 -session package: $580
  • 7 -session package: $980

10-session package: $1350