Private Dog Training ln Your Home

We provide 1:1 dog training for puppies and adult dogs. Please contact us if you have questions, or you would like to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation.

Our Training and Behavior Programs are based on the scientifically proven positive reinforcement methods.

We will help you build a special bond with your dog.
We are experienced, certified, and ready to help with your concerns and goals.
We teach you to train your dog using humane, natural methods.
We put in place a specialized treatment plan. We will help you help your dog!
We will address the needs of each dog and family.
We will cover basic manners and advanced commands.

Walk calmly at your side
Sit and stay until you say otherwise
Greet strangers and visitors calmly
Leave items alone at your request
Drop whatever object is currently in her mouth
Wait at doors, rather than rushing past you
Go to his bed
Come running when called!


dog training in Metuchen, NJ

ln Your Home Private Training

Private Training- 60-90 minutes

Our 4-session package is a great start for any type of pet parent or dog.

  • Puppies. In just 4 sessions, we will start your puppy on the right track at home, establishing the groundwork for a lifetime of good manners during this most critical period of their development. We work with dogs 6-weeks or older.
  • Young and adult dogs. Many dogs have had some training, but not enough. Start with our 4-session package and we will pick up and continue from wherever training was left off.
  • Refresher course. It’s easy to lose track of good behaviors, but dogs can regain them at any age and we can provide the knowledge and structure needed to help. A 4-session package is a great start to get good behavior back on track.

How much does Paws First Positive Training cost?

  • Single training sessions start at $150 per session.
  • 4 -session package: $600
  • 7 -session package: $950

Private One-On-One Behavioral Consultation at the client’s home 
Behavioral consultations are for owners who have dogs with specific behavioral challenges. In the clients home. 

  • Single training sessions start at $200 per session.
  • 4 -session package (including 2 phone consulations): $800