Pet Care

Dog Walking 

Away at work or out to dinner?  Paws First Dog Walking Programs are designed to give your cherished companion a bright spot during the day.  Dogs require physical and mental stimulation just like humans do.  If proper exercise is provided on a daily basis, it will energize their body, mind and spirit.  Many dog behavioral problems are the result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise.  The Paws First Dog Walking Programs are a great service for your dog when you can’t be around to exercise and play.  15-, 30- minute walks are our most requested walk lengths; please feel free to request longer durations and we would be happy to accommodate based on availability. 

The Paws First Dog Walking Programs are a great service for your dog when you can’t be around to exercise and play.

Pet Sitting

We will come to your home and care for your pet while you are away.  We will follow your pet care routine per your instructions, including feeding, watering, exercising and administering any medication your pet might require.  And most importantly, we will play with your pet!  Dogs generally require 3 visits per day.  Cats and other animals usually require 1-2 visits per day. 


bandaged sick dog

Sick or Injured Pet

We provide services to pets of all breeds and sizes, when needed we will administer all types of medications and injections, for the well being of your pet. We will monitor and provide updates as needed to reassure you during your absence.


Cat Sitting

We know how special your cat is to you and that all kitties have special needs. They are our children and we treat them that way. Keep them in the comfort of their own home and let us go and play with their favorite toys, love, feed, and scoop their litter when you are away., If they want we will give a good brushing and cuddle.

kittens in car

Pet Transport

We know that pets are a beloved part of your family.  And you won’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to your family.  Let Paws First help you handle all types of pet transport – when you don’t have a vehicle available, for emergencies, transporting your pet to the groomer, the vet.
We can even schedule regular visits to bring your pet to the groomer or vet’s office – no more re-arranging your schedule or having to take a day off work.

Overnight Sitting

Are your pets spoiled and loved like a member of the family? To have more time with your pets we will stay overnight in your home. We provide Overnight Stays so we have more time with your fur baby! Personalized schedules include dog walks, exercise in the backyard, food and treats, play time, cat care, cuddles brushing.