Activities to entertain your dog when the weather prevents u from playing outside.

It is true that exercise and physical stimulation are very effective ways to tire your dog out. But one must not discount basic obedience and training games. The mental stimulation along with exercise will result in a more balanced dog. Here are a few ideas to exercise and stimulate your dog when outdoor activity is not an option.

Stairs –As we all know these long winters are hard enough for humans to get exercise but even harder for our canine friends. Using your stairs as a tool can be a very good option. This requires 2 people one at the top and one at the bottom. The person at the top gives the “come” command. When the dog gets to you give a treat give a basic command sit or down. Then offer a treat.  Simply have one of you at the bottom and the other person at the top of the stairs.  Alternate this.  When the dog gets to you, make her sit or lay down.  Then offer a treat.  You can play this game for approximately 5 minutes or more will offer a great deal of stimulation. It will receive lots of rewards in love praise and treats.

Hide ‘n’ seek – The game is very good way to reinforce the the come command. One person holds dog attention in sit command while the 2nd person hides somewhere in the house. It can be a different room if you’re inside.  Then the person hiding starts calling the dog (i.e. “Buddy come”).  When the dog finds the “hider” the dog should be lavished with gratuitous praise and/or treats.  Take turns.  The dog will have a blast and you will reinforce one of the most important commands.

Find It – This game is especially beneficial for scent hounds, but all breed will love this game.  Take about 20 colored solo cups and place them upside down in a large circle.  Place treats randomly in some of the cups.  Bring the dog to one of the cups that has a treat in it.  Knock over the cup exposing the treat and allow the dog to eat the reward.  Do this a few times.  Then start saying “find it”.  Continue to “help” the dog find the treats until the dog begins knocking cups over on her own.  Once this behavior is solidified, put fewer treats in the cups and the dog will “find it”.  This is a great mentally stimulating game!  You might want to “youtube” it! 

Activities to entertain your dog when the weather prevents u from playing outside.

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